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Wallet Chain & Lanyard

These 550 Paracord Wallet Chains measure approximately 24 inches long including the carabiner and key ring. These are made single color or 2 colors. These Wallet Chains are great to carry because the Paracord does not rust, mold, mildew or rot so it will last a long time, and it's very strong and will stand up to 550 lbs of tension.

Starting at $20.00

Custom Lanyard

Lanyards are made from 550 type III paracord that are mildew and rot resistant. This lanyard and bottom section is done in a regular cobra braid. The quick release bottom buckle makes an easy transition to detach your keys, id badge, name tag, etc for use. This lanyard also features a neck breakaway. These lanyards are approximately 15-20 inches each side when finished. The quick release bottom buckle can be customized to your own personal charm liking. Such as sports team, favorite colors, awareness ribbons, etc.. or you can choose to have a blank bottom buckle. Also, the key ring is a 1 1/4" nickel plated key ring. I can do solid colors, two colors and even three colors. Primary color being the center color, secondary being the sides. Core is the inner strand. Lead time depends on quantity ordered. The longer lead time is just to allow for larger orders. Some lanyards are a little stiff at first. As they break in, they become more flexible. Custom personalized charm lanyards like the one listed starts at $40.00. 

Custom Lanyard starting at $40.00

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