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What is the "Thin Blue Line" ? 

Starting at $12.00

As written by Timothy Roufa in May 2019, he states,  "like any other profession, have an understanding among each other for what they do and what they go through on a daily basis. If anything, the thin blue line demonstrates support for each another in a tough job. It's not an excuse to violate the high ethical standards that officers are held to, but rather an encouragement to stand on that line together in service of others."

Please note: All sales are final. These bracelets are made to the length you request. If you don't know how to properly measure your wrist, click here or contact us and we can help you with that. 

Thin Blue Line bracelet

Do you currently work in the Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement Field? Maybe you know someone who does. Why not stand behind them and show them your support? The Thin Blue Line bracelet is a woven black bracelet with a thin blue line in the middle and it comes all together with a handcuff charm.

You can chose to order yours with or without the handcuff charm. 

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