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Starting at $10.00

This is where you can design your own bracelet color combinations. Anywhere from a single color all the way up to a 3 color bracelet. You can even choose to have your custom with or without a basic or custom designed specialty charm. Let your imagination soar! 

Please note: All sales are final. These bracelets are made to the length you request. If you don't know how to properly measure your wrist, click here or contact us and we can help you with that. 

Basic Bracelet

Starting at $10.00

up to a 2 color bracelet without charm. 

Basic Tres Colores

Starting at $15.00

3 colors: 2 main and 1 center (with or without basic charm)

Specialty Duo Bracelet

Starting at $15.00

up to a 2 color bracelet with Specialty Custom Charm.

Specialty Tres Bracelet

Starting at $20.00

Specialty Bracelet (3 colors, with Specialty Custom Charm)

What's your custom?

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