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Hello everyone !! I want to take this time out to introduce myself, but first I want to say thank you for visiting my website.
My name is Kristen (and yes, that is a picture of me on the left side.. LOL), I am the Owner and Photographer for Kristen's Outdoor Photography. I have been in business since 2003. I started off taking pictures of family and friends as a hobby, then someone told me that I should really do this as a business, so I did. I did this business as a side job for quite some time, but I finally pushed it towards a full time job. I have always had a passion for photography ever since I was old enough to hold a camera and push the shutter button.
I have two wonderful little girls, Esenya and Leilani. They both are everything to me and I love sharing my passion for photography with them. They sometimes get annoyed because I'm ALWAYS taking pictures of them. But that's what happens when you have a mom that is madly IN-LOVE with taking pictures! Esenya, my oldest, is starting to LOVE taking pictures and having pictures taken of her, finally. Leilani, she sees her sister with the camera and she starts copying everything that she does. Esenya got her first digital camera, Crayola Digital Camera, for Christmas one year and ever since she's being taking pictures like crazy and always begs me to take her on photography jobs with me. Maybe someday. 
I remember when I took my very first plane ride to Reno, NV. I took about 8 to 10 rolls of 35 mm film with me, and I used over half of the film that I brought on cloud pictures looking out of the planes window. It was so much fun taking the pictures, and of course looking back on them today, but my mom sure hated having to pay to get all of the rolls of film developed, and then come to find out that they were mainly all pictures of the clouds. Those are the memories that I will cherish forever!
I take a lot of pride and passion into what I do and that is why I am able to assist my clients with affordable photography options as well as payment plans. Just because the economy isn't doing so great these days doesn't mean that you still can't get your pictures taken and not break your wallet.
Thank you again for visiting and I hope you come back soon. Don't forget to schedule your next photography session with us and we will "Create Memories to Last a Lifetime."

God Bless,
Kristen Avila
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